Full Saxophone Cleanings Starts at $175 for Alto Sax.  Cleaning includes:  a Full Disassemble, Level and Dress the Tone Holes, Clean the Body and Keys, Polish, Straighten and Oil Hinge Rods, Replace any Key Corks that are missing or loose, Check Springs, Replace Neck Cork, Fit Neck Tenon if needed, Assemble, Adjust and Regulate, Play Test.   Also comes with a 2 month warranty on adjustments.  Pad replacements are not included in this price.

Custom Repairs

Custom Ebony Rollers for a 1968 Mark VI Baritone Sax.  The hard rubber rollers were dry rotten and broke.  We made new ebony wood rollers out of old violin pegs.  What a great way to get new life out of something else that had served its original purpose.

Custom Plating Repairs.  We are able to touch up silver and gold plating. 

Gold Washing a Saxophone Bell